About Lila

My name is Lila Elliott. I have been a Florist and a Bridal Consultant/Wedding Planner since 2000, but my first wedding was my own in 1992. My passion has always been flowers since I was a little girl. My creativity grows from within and my expressions are unique and priceless. I've always had the patience to listen to other people's needs and try to please them. That is a blessing ... So I've been told.

My hours are by appointment only so that I can provide you with my undivided attention. My products are always inspected by myself to make sure everything is up to the standards and will not leave my shop until I am pleased. Your happiness is what is very important to me and I try to keep my prices moderate so you have what your heart desires.

With my experience as a Bridal Consultant, I know that with today's economy it is not easy to have what you want without spending a decent amount of money. Therefore I will review all of your contracts and renegotiate if necessary.

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Phone: +1 (973) 462-9477 or Email: lilaelliott@abundantia.org

By appointment only